12 Million Customers Waiting

You read it right — 12 million customers are waiting for your business. These are 12 million internet users in Pakistan who are waiting for you to create the next big business online in Pakistan. The question really is, are you up for the challenge? 

Now you might call me the most optimistic person on the planet earth, but I really truly believe that in the middle of all the crisis that our country is going through, there is hope for future. Because, if us Pakistanis won’t hope for the best then who would? 

So lets get our positive thinking cap on and see how we can tap this market. We already have a few brave startups tackling online auction. Its a good start, lets take it a bit further. 

I came across a really interesting article on CIO Pakistan which talked about “Pakistan Consumer Internet Marketing Report for 2008“. Some very fascinated stuff in that article. What caught my eye was:


  • 87% fall in the 18-30 age range thus capturing a fresh wave of consumers entering the market
  • 94% have a graduate or post-graduate degree.
  • 34% are “financial heads” of their household.

Simply amazing! Look at that watering 87% users in age 18-30. I think we will have some very positive years ahead of us and it will be great to see how local businesses capture this fast growing market. Don’t forget there is also a huge segment of NRP’s who are very well versed on Internet based services.

How would you like to tapp this untapped market? Go to IdeasHut to check out what other smart Pakistanis are cooking and share if you will.